Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY Birthday Piñata

Here's a fun and almost sickeningly-cute craft I made for my daughter Aine's 2nd birthday.

I wanted a handcrafted gift/toy/decoration for her party and found the perfect thing when I came across this DIY Piñata tutorial at GiddyGiddy. I think Teri at GiddyGiddy made hers for decorative purposes, but I figured if it was too delicate, it would make it that much easier for a 2 yr old to get to the prizes inside.

Annie's birthday is near Easter Sunday and we celebrated with family for both occasions on the same day. What other shape or animal is better for the combined events than a bunny?! Following the directions on the tutorial, I cut out 2 big bunny-head shapes from cereal boxes and a 2 in wide strip to go along the sides.

I taped it together with painters tape and made sure to leave a flap open on the side. Next I glued 2 in strips of tissue paper, cut vertically, from the bottom of the bunny-head up.

I trimmed the tissue paper around the shape of the bunny-head after finishing the front, then went through the same process on the back. Finally I added strips to the sides, leaving the flap tissue-free until after I put the goodies inside. I cut out a cute little face from colored card stock and glued it to the front. Because of all the Easter candy I knew Aine would be consuming that day, I chose to put thin wooden magnetic letters and little foam Easter egg darts inside (all purchased from the Dollar Tree). Of course, there were some lollipops in there too...a  piñata just isn't a piñata without a little candy inside! Finally I sealed up the flap and glued the final strips of tissue paper over it. 

Didn't it turn out cute?! How could any 2 yr old, or any child or adult for that matter, not love this?

And here are a couple pictures before the flap was sealed.

My daughter loved it, although the next time I make one of these for a toddler I'm going to make a little hole in the bottom of it because after hitting it with a stick about 5 times she gave up. Thankfully she had some help from her Uncle Rory and Aunt Jenny to get to the prizes.

And by the way, I was wrong about the piñata being delicate. There was very little damage to it afterwards so now it decorates Aine's new room! She wakes up in the morning and says "See the big bunny!"

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter last week!

Love the Beasts,


  1. This particular bunny pinata seems too cute to be torn apart seeing how the usual birthday pinatas are smashed for the candy inside of them!

  2. So nice! I think I gonna try for Easter with my kids. Thanks Emily for the good idea!!
    Flo from *Tadaam!

  3. So sweet! I love this little bunny pinata for a baby shower or Easter, it's actually quite versatile. The tutorial is brilliant and really clear... Hope you don't mind I have featured it on my party blog,
    It's in my top 35 favourite DIY pinatas. Stacy :)

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