Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Peek and Good Intentions

Headboard is all painted and glazed! Woooooo! It took forever and I had some last minute issues, but all of the hard work is finally out of the way. A little waxing tomorrow and the girl will be heading to Grace Hart & Co.

I don't want to show you any pictures of the headboard until it's completely complete. So for now, here's a little peek. Tomorrow will be the reveal.

And I forgot to post about the great weekend we had! My husband made the most wonderful dinner for my family. It was basically Grill-fest. Grilled bread, grilled corn, grilled romaine salad, grilled salmon, and clams cooked in white wine sauce (no the clams weren't grilled). It was delicious. And Annie's been having a ball in her new inflatable pool on my brother's roof deck. She loves scooping out the water and watering my lemon tree. And by watering it, I mean she walks over to the tree and then pours the water all over herself. The intention is there though! 

My family went to Grace Hart & Co. for this first time on Saturday to see my furniture. Luckily for them, they had my burlap chair in the window so they were able to see one of my pieces before even walking into the store!

They liked the shop, but had a better time trying to get everyone to admire and buy my furniture. Here's an example of what my brother would say in a loud serious tone, "Wow! I have never seen a chair like this before. What? Is that covered in burlap? That is so unique. You can't find a chair like this anywhere. And for that price? What a steal! I want to buy this but can't seem to find my wallet. I will walk out to my car right now to get my money. I hope no one snatches it up while I'm gone!" Aaaaaaaand scene.

It didn't work and it may have caused some negative reactions (people kept giving us weird looks and avoided walking near us ...we seemed to be scaring them :D), but I appreciated it. We had a great time laughing at ourselves and hey, the intention was there!



  1. Can't wait to see the WHOLE headboard! You are keeping us waiting girl! Just kidding :)
    Your grill menu sound so yummy. One thing I love about summer is hubby does more of the cooking on the grill (less work for me)!
    Your families antics at the store window sound pretty funny. Sounds like something my family would do.

  2. you're doing such a great job on furniture refinishing and upholstery. I haven't been to Grace Hart but sounds like it would be worth the trip to the Heights (my old home ~ seems like you and I almost swapped lives since I now live in your old neighborhood) take care, Diane

  3. The grill-fest sounds amazing! I just discovered grilling romaine!!! YUM!!!

    I also started making homemade pizza dough and grilling it then brushing both sides with olive oil with herbs/garlic in it then sprinkling parmesan cheese on it. DELISH!