Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Big Move

Bad news? 
I won't be able to finish my wingback for another month.

Good news?
My husband was offered an amazing job in Connecticut. Yes! We're moving back to the New England area in 10 days. The funny thing is, I lived in the West Hartford for a year straight out of college and HATED it. It just wasn't a great place for a 22 year old to "find" herself. Thankfully, we'll be living in a smaller town closer to Rhode Island and it's a great area for families. Hopefully we'll be buying our first home soon. So exciting! So many DIY house projects to come!

Sorry to disappoint you all with yet another unfinished project. But look at it this way, I'll be able to finish both the wingback and my Maine chair from September. Yippee!

Love the Beasts,