Friday, June 24, 2011

Recent Sales: Mirror and Le Baron

I lied. My headboard is not ready for her reveal today. The stupid thing requires a couple more coats of paint then I thought it would. I guess that's what I get when I try to use up all my cheap paint. So I can't participate in any parties today, but I can share with you my recent sales! Woo-hoo!

I sold my big white mirror which I thought would go quickly, but it took about 2 months and they sold it for 20% off   the initial price.

Here's what it looked like when I bought it.

And I sold one of my first upholstery redos! Le Baron belongs to someone else now :). And they paid full price! Yippee!

Some less flattering pictures taken indoors.

Some of you may remember he used to look like this.

I'm disappointed that the headboard isn't done yet, but thrilled that I've got some money coming in! Hope more stuff sells this weekend! And the new goal for the headboard is Sunday. Please give me a hard time if it's not complete by then!

And oh yeah, I'm only 9 followers away from hitting 100 and I'm putting together a small giveaway. Please PLEASE follow me if you haven't yet because I really REALLY want to have an excuse to put a cute package together!

Have a fun fun weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Icebox Side Table

Last week I mentioned that I found my go-to thrift store and was able to bring home something great. Here he is!

It's a walnut icebox-style side table/end table/cabinet with storage. I've always loved the old icebox refrigerators but they're usually expensive, extremely heavy, and can take up a lot of room. This is the next best thing! It's a White Clad made by Simmons Hardware.

Love the brass against the walnut, and no rusting to be seen! It's in almost perfect condition so I decided not to change a thing! Just a bit of cleaning and vacuuming (to get rid of the spiderwebs) and today I brought it in to Grace Hart & Co. (the store I consign with).

Don't you love the door handle? It's the best part. I was very tempted to keep the table, but I'm sticking to my promise of not holding onto anything that I don't need. So bye bye icebox! Hello headboard.

Hoping to have her reveal on Friday. Hooray!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Mini Painting

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

This year for my husband I painted a tiny 4x4 canvas. He loved it! Couldn't stop giggling :).

Cambridge (MA) has so many important memories for us. It's where our daughter Annie was born, where he and I first met, where we both had apartments, and where we both biked. We miss the Boston area a lot, but we're just happy to be together!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!