Thursday, October 13, 2011

De-upholstered Wingback

Ugh! Almost 2 weeks later and I've finally removed all of the purple fabric from my wingback. I would say that I removed all the staples too, but this monster has been reupholstered before and there old staples in the wood that I'm not messing with.

Here's my curbside wingback before.

Here's what she looks like right now. It's so awesome how it feels like I haven't done anything. But hopefully that changes over the next few weeks. At least I think that's how long it will take to dress her up again. I have a plan on her "after" look, I just hope I'm successful!

A beautiful sight for those that understand. And here's her original fabric. Hello 70's! Not terrible, but not my style either.

Love the Beasts,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Curtain Panel Seat Cushions

My mom received these 2 matching chairs years ago from a friend and she liked the style, but over time the canvas fabric became discolored. Bleaching a few stains made the discolorations stand out even more (it might be hard to tell in the picture below but they're there!).

I promised her I would recover them once I found fabric that she liked for a price we could both agree on (scarily enough she's even more of a bargain hunter than I am), but we couldn't find anything at Hobby Lobby or any of the other nearby fabric stores that met the criteria. Then my mom came across a curtain panel at a thrift store she thought might work. It was $10 at the time and would be 50% off the following week. We drove by the next week so I could check out the fabric and it was perfect! They were selling 2 panels but we only bought 1 and it was enough to cover the 2 chairs with about 2 yards leftover. So we got about 3 yards for $5. We could both agree it was a great deal!

The best thing about the curtain panel is that it has a foam lining underneath which makes the fabric thick and sturdy. I recovered the cushions that night and now the chairs look brand new again!

Love the Beasts!