Monday, October 10, 2011

Curtain Panel Seat Cushions

My mom received these 2 matching chairs years ago from a friend and she liked the style, but over time the canvas fabric became discolored. Bleaching a few stains made the discolorations stand out even more (it might be hard to tell in the picture below but they're there!).

I promised her I would recover them once I found fabric that she liked for a price we could both agree on (scarily enough she's even more of a bargain hunter than I am), but we couldn't find anything at Hobby Lobby or any of the other nearby fabric stores that met the criteria. Then my mom came across a curtain panel at a thrift store she thought might work. It was $10 at the time and would be 50% off the following week. We drove by the next week so I could check out the fabric and it was perfect! They were selling 2 panels but we only bought 1 and it was enough to cover the 2 chairs with about 2 yards leftover. So we got about 3 yards for $5. We could both agree it was a great deal!

The best thing about the curtain panel is that it has a foam lining underneath which makes the fabric thick and sturdy. I recovered the cushions that night and now the chairs look brand new again!

Love the Beasts!


  1. I love so much of your work!

    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out here


  2. Great idea and a fantastic job on the chairs! God bless x

  3. You're very welcome Emily! Great choice on the curtain pattern too, btw :)

  4. That pattern was made for those chairs!!! LOVE it!!! Nice job!

  5. Those look fantastic! You can't beat that price and the pattern is just perfect for those chairs! :-)