Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grainsacks Brought Us Together: Town and Prairie

After checking out each other's blogs, Andrea and I knew we were meant to be best blog friends! Her blog, Town and Prairie, is chock-full of amazing photographs and beautiful furniture transformations. What I call beasts, she calls prairie doves! Here's a recent prarie dove she rescued off the curb for FREE and repainted. I absolutely love this dresser!

But this was the first entry I read: Farm Tour. She was lucky enough to be invited to tour her neighbor's farm, and to top it off he encouraged her to take his rusty junky things about to be sent to the burn pile! I saw this picture and immediately emailed her.

Grainsacks?!?! I told her she had to go back and grab the sacks if she hadn't already. And, if she wouldn't mind, could she grab me one too? I'd pay her. I'd pay shipping! I'd swap her for them! I'd pretty much do anything! I'd been looking for vintage grainsacks for awhile now but you just don't stumble upon them here in Houston. So Andrea, being the kind and generous blogger that she is, happily agreed to get them for me and send them my way.

Fast forward to now, Andrea has them and even laundered them for me. Eee! I think we were destined to find each other in this crazy blog world :). Thanks again Andrea. You are my Grainsack Blogging Fairy Godmother!

So check out Andrea's blog when you get a chance! Town and Prairie. I'll post pics of these awesome grainsacks once they are in my possession. Can't wait!

Love the Beasts,


  1. Thank, Em! You are a maverick at your designs and I know you will whip up some cool creations with the sacks. Yes, they are laundered...with Mountain Rain fresh scent (but I think they might still be a bit grainsack-y). And! Would you believe that inside of that very grain sack hanging up above...were more grains sacks?! Soon to arrive in Texas, Chicago style grainsack-love. Andrea @ townandprairie

  2. Boy, I really rushed in typing that. I swear I can spell, really. :) Andrea @ townandprairie

  3. I do love how a simple blog can bring people together! Heading over to check out Andrea's blog now! Hope you're having a good weekend.

  4. Lucky you! Authentic grain sacks. I can't wait to see what you will do with them.

    I featured your freebie dresser too:

    My mouth dropped open when I saw the before. What an amazing transformation! I hope you will stop by for a visit and grab a button.