Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Framed Vintage Wallpaper and a Pretty Little Chair

I went to an estate sale on Saturday and found this amazing roll of vintage wallpaper. The first few feet of the paper was crumbling apart, but the rest was in perfect condition.

And did I mention it was free? I talked to the woman running the sale for awhile when I first walked in, and when I came back later to ask her the cost of the paper, she said to consider it as a gift :).

I love the farm scenes, the huge red flowers, and the pretty little blue birds! The colors match the paint colors in our new house perfectly. The first thing I decided to do with the paper was frame it. I just unpacked the blue-grey thrift store frame I painted almost a year ago and knew they were meant to be together. The frame didn't have a back, so I cut out a piece of cardboard to fit it from one of the hundreds of boxes that are still sitting unpacked in our house. I used modge podge to glue the paper on to the cardboard.

And yes, I have purchased a few pieces of furniture for the house already. Some new and some old. Here's a little chair I found for Annie at the Recycled Furniture in Old Saybrook for $10. They have some awesome deals there. I plan to recover the chair with a fun fabric soon.

Love the Beasts,


  1. The wallpaper is so cute! Annie's chair is beautiful! I love the rose carved into the top.

  2. The chair in your heading caught my eye and I wasn't disappointed:) What a beauty - can't wait to see what you do with it. God bless x