Monday, April 11, 2011

Chair transformation almost complete

I'm still working on my "Blue Boy" chairs and should be done in a couple days. All I have left is to cover one seat cushion and add the front and back trim to 2 chairs. Soon my beauties...soon.

I haven't been working on as many projects lately or getting things done as quickly because of course, real life happens. I was busy celebrating Annie's birthday, bringing her to playdates, cleaning the house, and doing family stuff on the weekends. Also I've been trying not to buy any new furniture until I'm done with the dining set. I think most furniture lovers try setting a restriction for themselves on finishing projects before they even think about others, but they usually give in when they come across a deal they just can't pass up. Luckily for me, or unluckily depending on how you see it, I haven't seen any great deals so I've been good at keeping my word. I'm still scanning the Free section daily in Craigslist though. I think we can all agree that free stuff doesn't count!

By the way, I'm not the only one in my family that loves thrift shops. My mom has been hitting the stores lately. She works for one of the charity organizations near her home and they have a little shop that she checks out every time she volunteers. Last week she saw this cute Johnson Brothers teacup, saucer, and two little bowls on sale for $1.75 (if I remember correctly). She kept one of the bowls and gave me the rest. I displayed it on Annie's little white chair that I bought at an estate sale a couple months ago.

It's an Annie sized teacup! Now that I have this one, I'm thinking about collecting a few more small teacup sets for future family tea parties. I may not be buying furniture right now, but I didn't set a restriction on everything else!

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  1. Gorgeous little tea cup. I love it. I collect vintage tea cups and it does become addictive.
    Madison xxx

  2. That is a pretty pattern. Of course anything blue and white is wonderful! I like looking for china in consignment stores and thrift shops too, but only buy individual pieces, not sets so I don't get lucky very often. I've been meaning to go to blue bird circle....

  3. It is so hard to be good and not buy until everything I have is done. I've been working hard to finish things because neighborhood garage sales are just around the corner here.
    Your blue boys are looking good!