Saturday, April 16, 2011

The cutest teapot you'll ever see (and it was a thrift find!)

Apologies for not posting the last two days! Every time Annie's napped or gone to bed, I just have had too many other things to do and nothing to post about! Plus last night we went to watch Hairspray, the free show at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Houston, and I lost my smart phone. So that didn't help things. Of course because I hadn't posted in 2 days or called my mom back last night, she called my husband to find out if something happened to us. I think the thing that worried her the most was the lack of updates on my blog. Hilarious! I guess she is my biggest blog fan though!

Anyway, today's post I'm going to make it up to you 100%! It's my best BEST thrift find EVER. I bought this a month ago but was saving the post for a special day. Can you guess what it is from this picture? (I'm going to guess yes since once again I used the item's name in the title of the post...:D)

It's a teapot! The CUTEST one ever. It's a square Burleigh Ware Burslem Staffordshire Ironstone teapot in the red Charlotte Basket of Flowers pattern from Burslem, England. It's amazing isn't it? Yes, I know.

No chips, cracks, or damage. I can't believe someone donated this! And you will absolutely hate me for the price. I got it at my local Salvation Army that typically has NOTHING for only $2.99. Remember in this post when I said I missed out on really great stuff? Well this more than made up for that day. This is something I will never sell! Hopefully something we keep in the family for a long time. I love love love it!

And on a crafty note, I've decided I suck at sewing stuffed animals. I made a little monkey head to go with the big one, and this time I sewed instead of hot-gluing the felt on, but it turned out really weird. The monkey has a giant forehead and I'm too lazy to sew the last piece on top of it's face. It's funnier this way anyway.

Happy Saturday! And happy yard sale-ing everyone!

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  1. Wow - what a cutie! The only thing I even half collect is the pinker version of red transferware. This would be a keeper in my home too! And you're right, I never find anything that cheap in the housewares section of Salv. Army either. Good find!

  2. That teapot is did great!

  3. I haven't seen a teapot quite like that, but how cute it is!!! I love transferware. And, you got a sweet deal on it for sure.

    I think the monkeys are cute.
    Thanks for sharing them at Treasure Hunt Thursday.