Monday, April 18, 2011

A stroll in an antique mall

Today my mom and I went to the Spring Antique Mall in Spring, TX. This is where I bought the dining set I'm currently working on. Although we went home empty-handed today, we took pictures for you all. You can pretend you went shopping with us!

This is the first booth I saw when I walked in. Love the little blue drawers and the old kitchen table.

This one also caught my eye. Lots of blue and white and everything's displayed nicely. Maybe a little TOO much white and a little TOO neat and nice...

The next booth could use some work. She has some neat stuff but the mix between antique, vintage, and new doesn't quite flow well.

The chandeliers were pretty though. The right one was on sale for $199. Not a bad price but as usual, I think you'd be better off at an estate sale or auction.

This was a small shot of all the furniture crammed in this booth. They didn't have the space or room to arrange anything which is unfortunate because the stuff was nice. I'm going to guess most people walk right past this one.

This particular booth was done a little better, but nothing gave me that "YOU HAVE TO BUY ME" feeling.

This booth had a huge display of beer steins and oil lamps. Not my thing, but fun to look at!

Lastly, this is my favorite booth at the antique mall. I would love to buy this stuff for the house I'll own in 10 years. Especially this huge dark wood island shelf piece. It has shelves on both sides and almost 8 ft long. I can see it acting as a divider between 2 rooms in an open concept house.

I also loved the wood and glass display case and the grain storage bin.

I'm a little creeped out by the raggety-ann dolls though. I can't look them straight in their black button eyes. I only got near them because I liked the little green wood shelf/display they're sitting on. Aren't those balls cute? I they're fabric covered yarn balls.

So that's it! Hope you had fun on our shopping date! Maybe next time I'll buy something!

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  1. I love the blue dresser with all the drawers!

  2. love the blue dresser and the table!

  3. Looks like you had fun! I love antique shopping!

  4. Oh, sometimes it's simply wonderful just to walk around the mall and do a bit of window shopping! Of course, it creates a great opportunity to do a bit of shopping later on, but it's nice to just look at all items for a while. Seriously, those photos are wonderful. There were so many wonderful antiques...

    -Larissa Dobbin