Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dry Brush Cabinet and Knob Redo

I always like trying new things so when I considered my options to redo this rolling cabinet, I decided to go with the dry brush technique. I've never dry brushed any of my pieces, but thought it would be my best bet because of the dark stain that someone had liberally painted on the wood of the cabinet. There were layers and layers of the stain, it almost looked like brown paint, and even worse it was uneven, streaky, and starting to peel off in the back. I got a good work out sanding the cabinet down with 80 grit sandpaper before I started painting.

The cabinet, which was an estate sale find, isn't finished yet but here's what the door looks like right now. I used 1 coat of ColorPlace Interior White (the cheapo Wal-mart brand) and 1 coat of my free Sherwin Williams Samovar Silver sample pint. I still plan to add 1 or 2 more coats of other shades of grey (since I have 7 different samples that I got for free from a woman who lives nearby!).

I followed Kelli's dry brush technique from her cute and creative Restore Interiors blog. It was so helpful but I don't think my cabinet will look as nice as her trestle table! My cabinet is just too boxy. On the upside it's functional and would go great in a bathroom, guest room, or craft room. Especially if the dry brushing works out. I'm still not sure how I like it at this point, if all else fails I'll paint the whole thing just white or grey. Boring, but still an improvement from where I started!

Oh yeah, I should briefly mention the dry brush technique. I dabbed the tip of my brush in paint, wiped most of it off using a rag, and lightly brushed the wood all over. Then using Kelli's advice, I didn't wash the brush before I started the next paint color. Super easy. I can see why so many people use this technique! It's very forgiving :).

And here's my little knob redo! A tiny project for you all. The cabinet came with a ugly broken knob.

The top of the knob was made of clear plastic before (not sure what shape), but all that was left was the back portion. So I used one of my leftover pieces of burlap from my Mission Style Burlap Chair and wrapped it around the knob with hot glue.

It was a little bulky around the edges, so I smoothed it down by trimming the burlap with fabric scissors. See? Just because something is broken doesn't mean you need to throw it away! The knob is so cute now! It still has another life to live, but I don't think it will be back with the cabinet. The styles don't go together. I'm on the hunt for a replacement for the cabinet. Any suggestions?



  1. Emily, you did a very nice job drybrushing, but that know redo really rocks!

  2. looks really good so far and how CUTE is that sweet knob? Could not be any sweeter if you dipped it in honey. love love love it :)

  3. Neat knob fix. Looking forward to more on this project.
    - Joy

  4. 2 cute! I just love the way the know turned out. Very creative! Maybe glass for the new one? Glass goes great with dry brushing.

  5. I love the burlap knob!! Genius!!