Sunday, July 10, 2011

Curbside Save of the Week: Wingback Chair

My husband let me do a little yard/estate sale shopping on Saturday while Annie was napping and although I didn't find anything at the sales, I did get this wingback chair off the curb for absolutely NOTHING! It was a freebie! Hurrah!

I've seen several wingbacks in similar condition at thrift stores for prices ranging from $25-125 , but I was never willing to spend the money for both the chair and the upholstery work. Plus, most of the wingbacks weren't vintage. They were usually only about 5-10 years old. I almost picked one up off the side of the road for free a few months ago but when it was halfway into the car, I quickly took it back out because of all the fire ants crawling over it. I also realized that replacing the missing cushions would put me over budget on the redo.

So when I saw this purple one in decent condition, smoke-free, pet-smell-free, and cushion intact I figured I had nothing to lose! I mean it was free! And although it wasn't vintage I didn't mind because again, I didn't spend a penny on it. It will likely take me a few months to reupholster the chair, but I'm in no rush. If I want it to be close to perfect, I'll have to take long extended breaks in between each upholstery stage so I don't get sloppy or sick of it.

And as an update on the rolling cabinet, I'm done painting and will be glazing it soon but have decided it needs more character. So there will be some modpodging work on the top. I hope that'll give it the kick it needs to look like an "Emily" redo! Here's a progress pic on the paint. I added a coat of Sherwin Williams Grey Screen paint but it no longer looks like dry brushed, it now just looks grey. Oh well! I still like it!


  1. The file drawer cabinet with the great wheels looks great with the light grey (my new favorite color) and the curb chair has great legs - a good before shot for your later after.
    - Joy

  2. Great curb side save!!! and I love the file cabinet!

  3. It's always great when you can find something like this! Can't wait to see how you redo it and give it new life. The cabinet is looking pretty great too!

  4. Can't wait to see the chair progress!!!

  5. Thank you so much for posting our Mountain of Giveaway button on your blog. I hope that your followers come on over and take a look. You're a girl after my own heart. I love refinishing, repurposing and reusing all things. I'm new to your blog but hope you have given or will give Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a try. It's an awesome product and makes furniture look like a million bucks, with virtually no prep work. That's the part we all HATE! I'll be keeping an eye on your projects!!! Thanks again.

  6. Free rules!! It will look so pretty with a slipcover!