Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Don't Know How You Do It

...but I can't post every day. I tried, I really did! I think if you're able to write a coherent and interesting post every day, you're magic. I lose about an hour of sleep each time I write a post, and on average I only put up about 3 a week. Weak, I know. Oh well! If I can't provide quantity, hope I provide quality! Or at least some amusement.

Today is just a little post to lead up to the reveal of this rolling cabinet tomorrow night.

I finished modpodging and a bit of distressing tonight, and tomorrow I'm adding the finishing touches. Until then, I'll show you a little fix I did on the door. It was one of those annoying doors that you have to pull up and out in order to open. My sometimes-he's-a-genius husband discovered that not only was the wood warped from the heat, the top hinge was bent. You might be able to tell in this picture.

I couldn't do anything about the warpiness, but I could try to take on that evil hinge! After removing the door and taking off the top hinge, I hammered the metal straight from both sides. It looked good, but would resolve my door issue???

Yesssss! It worked! The door closes beautifully. Like butta! And of course I remembered to take a picture after I screwed the hinge on, so hope you can tell the hinge is straight now! 

See you all tomorrow! 



  1. Can't wait till tomorrow's reveal! And you definitely provide a quality blog...I so enjoy it!

  2. I SO agree w/you on posting daily! My goal was 3x a week but now that summer has hit........yeah, not-so-much.

    Love the cabinet and I can't wait for the reveal!!!!

  3. Good fix on that hinge. Looking forward to the next time you post for the update.

  4. Hi Emily! I totally understand where you are coming from on the posting. Prior to Heather and I blogging together I could only do about 3 a week too so I think you are doing just fine! If it begins to feel like a pressure thing it's not worth it, you know? Just keep doing what you're doing because we love your transformations and your humor! :-)

  5. 3 a week?!?! pffftt.. I'm lucky to get 1 a week now that I opened a booth! LOL You're doing great! I LOVE reading your blog and your redos are wonderful! Keep up the good work!
    Hugs, Sherri

  6. Some of them not only post every day but sometimes have new pieces to show daily. I want to know how they do that! I'll be watching for this one tomorrow!