Sunday, July 17, 2011

Picking Up Where I Left Off

No, I haven't forgotten about my freebie dresser! It's been about a month since I've worked on her, and everyday I walked by her I reassured her (and myself) that I would return soon. She looked like this when I picked her off the curb.

I felt bad telling her that since she was a keeper, I didn't need to finish her right away. But I'm back as promised and here's what she looks like after a few days work (just catching an hour here and there during Annie's nap or bedtime).

Doesn't look like much progress, but she needed a lot of cleaning and paint. And I'm pretty sure painting takes twice as long when you're working in a garage in Houston and it's in the high 90's. Sweat, cockroaches, and mosquitoes also tend to cut your work time short. By the way, when you leave a dresser in the garage for a month, dust builds and critters nest. I had to clean her out all over again and vacuum all the dust trapped in the nooks. And she might have been closer to being finished if a good amount of my time had not been spent reorganizing my work space in my brother's garage. My tools, rags, and paint cans were strewn all over the place and it was driving me crazy, but somehow I forced myself to ignore it. Then yesterday I decided I couldn't deal with it for another day. Now everything is neatly piled in drawers and baskets. I've discovered I have about 15 slightly used rags whereas before I had trouble just finding 1! Hurrah!

Isn't it funny how spending a little time to clean and organize can make you happy and excited to create more?



  1. Well you might not think she's had a lot of progress, but to me she looks so much better! I think she can breath. Can't wait to see her all dolled up and ready to go. Have a great week.

  2. I can relate! I'm not inspired when my area is a mess! Sometimes I like to putts around cleaning and organizing which makes me want to create again!

    I've been working in our garage too (in Michigan) but the weather has been so HOT and HUMID! 90+ degrees is definitely not painting weather! I did get up extra early last week to paint a second coat on a project I'm working on.

  3. Hi Emily - wow what a challenge you have there. It will be very impressive when it's completed. I've been pondering an old secretary for the longest time but haven't yet started anything. The veneer is very brittle and has already chipped off in numerous places. I'm wondering if trying to patch with wood filler will make it look better or worse...not sure whether you attempted any surface smoothing on your piece or not? hope your week is starting out well ~ diane