Monday, July 18, 2011

Small Shiny Finds

I went with my thrifting partner-in-crime on Saturday to a couple shops in the Houston area and only came back with these 3 little silver-plated plates. Well I bought a couple shirts too, but no furniture or any ooh-ahh items. 2 of the plates are badly tarnished, but that's not a problem because they're get covered up with what I have in store for them.

The mirror tray was an estate sale find last weekend. It's pretty as is so for now I'll keep it as a mirror, but I think it'll eventually find itself with a different bottom. Or a different color frame. The possibilities are endless!

That's all to report from the thrifting front line :). Can't wait to see what you all found!


  1. I love dollar deals too, they don't come my way often enough though! I almost bought a similar mirror tray recently, but the DH talked me out of it. :( Ah well, looks like some nice finds and I can't wait to see what you do with them all.

  2. Ooh i didnt know u lived in the houston area as well:) what are some of your fave thrift shops around here? I havent lived here too long so i know theres probably many i havent scoped out yet=D

  3. great finds! i am always so jealous of your many found thrifting treasures.
    have a wonderful afternoon!