Thursday, August 25, 2011

Industrial Pentagon Glass Box

Remember this thrift store purchase I showed you earlier this week?

These types of glass and brass boxes are my favorite things to work with. I used to think they were so ugly! Back in the day a lot of people used to use them in their bathrooms to hold cotton balls, etc. But they're the perfect thing to transform! With some help from modpodge, vintage dictionary illustrations, and twine the sad-looking beast turned into this.

The illustrations on top are of a siphon-bottle, stereoscope, printing press, stocks, and a torturing rack. On the bottom is a beautiful drawing of a four-masted schooner. It might seem odd to put all these pictures together, but I like putting the industrial together with the whimsical!

You may have noticed that when I bought the box, part of the knob was missing. So I did what I usually do with my salvaged creations! I wrapped it up in twine. 

This box is now for sale in the Lovely Beasts Etsy shop!

And if you're wondering how the shop is doing, I've already had 7 sales which is better than I had hoped! What I'm finding out is that vintage finds do better than my little recycled or salvaged creations. This is great news for me though! The whole purpose of my Etsy venture was to see what would sell best anyway. This process has helped reaffirm the fact that I do have an eye for vintage objects and what people want in that department. And I do enjoy making my little creations, but now I know where I can focus my time if I want to sell more successfully on Etsy. Estate sales here I come!!!

Love the Beasts,


  1. Awesome, Em! I love the typography and little vintage clip art images you chose. Glad the etsy is off to a great start! :D andrea @ townandprairie

  2. This is fabulous Emily!!!!! I love the knot!!!! You're definitely an original!

    Congrats on the 7 sales on Etsy!!! you go girl.