Thursday, March 17, 2011

Proudly featured

I'm pumped today! Why? My first Frenchy, or La Belle Premiere, was featured at At the Picket Fence AND Stuff and Nonsense.

At the Picket Fence is a blog by 2 hilarious sisters who host the Inspiration Friday blog party. I know they look at each and every entry of the party because they came upon my brand new baby blog and immediately left me sweet comments about the chair. Thank you Vanessa and Heather!

Alison at Stuff and Nonsense who hosts the Friday's Unfolded party, was also extremely kind to visit my post and leave a comment about the transformation of the chair. She throws a great party full of furniture redos, food, and crafts. Thank you Alison!
Stuff and Nonsense

I feel the way I did when I got a bonus or raise at work. A real sense of accomplishment knowing that people like what you do (minus the extra income). I'm punching my fists in the air right now because I'm that excited. Woo! Thank you again to both blogs for being so kind to feature me and bringing furniture addicts like us together!

Now I feel confident, refreshed, and ready to take on more projects but it will all have to wait. I have to take take a few days off from working on furniture because we have a big St. Patrick's Day party planned for this Saturday. My husband's the cook so he's making all the food. Meat pies, Irish soda bread, fish chowder, apple tart...mmm. I'll be too full to do anything useful anyway!

And as promised, here are some close-up pictures of the suitcase displayed in my post about my first Frenchy. My husband and I bought this at a garage sale either in Massachusetts or Connecticut a few years ago.

After researching "Zephyrlyte Lincoln," I found out that this suitcase was an option on the Lincoln Zephyr in the 30's-40's. They were made to match the interior of the car and fit perfectly in the trunk. Look at this amazing ad I came across.

I'm hoping one day I'll be able to find this actual ad. And unfortunately, I didn't get much info on the stickers, but here are a few of the ones I like.

That's true vintage right there and they're still in great condition. And if any of you are wondering what we keep in the suitcase, my husband went through a tie phase before we met and he would always pick a few up at the thrift store or receive them as gifts. Some are nice but most are heinous. He keeps them in here and I don't even bother trying to tell him to fold them neatly. I pick my battles.

Maybe one day I'll do something crafty with them when he's not looking. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!


  1. I saw you featured over at Vanessa and Heather's. I just love what you did with that chair. Awesome. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks so much.

  2. You are so cute! Congrats!!! That is awesome! By the way, when your comments come through my email, it has a no-reply address. I just learned a week or two ago about that myself. You can change it under your profile. That way people can just reply back to the comment email. It's handy. I'm so excited for you!! That would be a big accomplishment!! What part of Houston are you from/in? (You can just reply to my comment email and email me if you want.)

  3. Awww, Emily it was a gift to us to be introduced to your blog! We love your beautiful work and your sense of humor. :) Featuring you was not even a question...your work should be showcased! Thank you for your kind words about Vanessa and I. We can't wait to see what other wonderful projects you come up with.

    PS-Definitely head over and visit our friend Judy (who commented up above) She is so awesome and will be a great "blog friend".

    Have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day Party! The menu sounds divine!

    Heather @At The Picket Fence

  4. Congratulations on your much deserved features. Love, love, love the chair.

  5. Congratulations on your first feature :)

    Lisa @

  6. You girls are awesome! I'm so appreciative of the support. I'm a big fan of all of your blogs and projects and can't wait to see more and create more!

  7. so deserve this! Good for you Emily! I wish I knew how you are doing all these fun things...but I will learn! I am so looking forward to your next project! Do something with those ties! Years ago I used old ties to re-do a woven chair seat that was falling was a fun conversation piece!

  8. You'll never get my ties!

    Didn't think I read your blog, did you?

    The Husband.

  9. Haha Laurie! You've made my husband paranoid now. But that's a great idea! Do you have any pictures of that chair? Would love to see it!

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  11. Hi Emily! Great blog...I'm following you. I can't wait to move into our own place with space so I can start thrift shopping! Its amazing what a little love and paint can do! And if your hubby ever decides to get rid of those ties, I'd take the ugly old wide polyester and/or woven cotton ones off you! :) I'd even pay a thrift store price for them!! sounds like they are hands off for now!! :( Congrats on being featured!

  12. Congratulations!!! Hard work is paying off!!!

  13. Hi, do you have any idea the value of the lincoln suitcase? I picked up one at a thrift shop yesterday knowing it was very cool, but not having a clue where it came from.

  14. Hi A - Unfortunately, I don't know the value. If I do come across what it's worth I'll certainly let you know! Would also love to know if you find out from your end :).


  15. I just found one too! Ten bucks! Thanks for this research! So interesting... I googled and found this!