Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Thrift Find and the Pandas

Everyone has a thrift store brass lamp find right? Well here's mine.

It was made to look like a candle holder and holds two light bulbs. And the bonus is that it works! The good thing about Goodwill is that they won't sell any electronics without testing them first. I love the little oval shade, intricate details, and the solid wood base. And just like everyone else who has one of these, I'm considering painting it. I know it will look great white, but I also know it looks great just the way it is. On the right table and with the right furniture around it, it won't looked dated. Next to other brass or dark pieces however, it'll take you right back to the 70's or 80's. We'll see if I give in like everyone else!

And here's a sneak peek of the fabric I will be using for one of my projects. Wouldn't you like to know what I'll be covering with this? I love the color and vintage pattern. To me, this is timeless.

And just for fun, at yet another recent estate sale Aine spied 3 little pandas and kept yelling and pointing at them. I usually try not to buy her any toys because like every other child out there she has way too many. But the owner told me all 3 of them were for $.50. Well how could I say no to that? So here are Aine's new favorite toys displayed in my brother's bamboo plant.

Weird, I know. But that pretty much sums up both our personalities.


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