Sunday, March 13, 2011

So close I can taste it.

Remember my second French chair find?

I was thinking about it all last week and finally got some work done this weekend (in between going to the Rodeo, a birthday party, and running various other errands). Like my previous pieces, I cleaned it with Krud Kutter sanded it lightly with 60-grit sandpaper. Next I painted it with 2 coats of the usual Behr Interior Semi-gloss in Creamy White. Yeah, real original I know!

With the piping done (mentioned in this post), the next step was to cut the canvas drop cloth to cover the top and sides of the cushion
Next I pinned the piping to the square piece of canvas that was to be the top of the cushion. I was so proud of my pinning job and was already congratulating myself, then realized I pinned it backwards. Agh! Moron! The piping should show on top and not be hidden when you're pinning it. In other words, the bottom portion of your piping fabric should be pinned to the top of the cushion fabric. Here's how it looked after I unhappily corrected it. And if you're wondering, no I don't have pictures of my mistakes. I angrily deleted them before I realized it might be helpful/funny for you all to see.
Next, I connected the piping in the middle at the back of the cushion. I forgot to take pictures of how I connected the piping, but I'll try to describe it as best I can. I took out a few stitches on both ends of the piping and then cut my fabric at a bias. Then I used a straight stitch to sew the two ends of fabric together. Finally, I cut the piping where the two ends met and then used the zipper foot to sew the piping together.

I didn't know if I should continue to use the zipper foot when sewing the piping to the cushion fabric, but I figured it would be easier because it would allow me to sew right next to the piping. The first picture shows the sewing on the underside of the piping and the second shows what it looks like from the other end (the piece of fabric that's lifted up is what I'll be sewing to the sides of the cushion.

Just some advice, when you sew near where the piping connects, you may want to lift your presser foot and steadily push the fabric through the machine. Sometimes the fabric is too thick to fit under the presser foot and this helps. Of course, before you even start sewing you should always cut away excess fabric underneath that is not needed (I did this but still found the fabric to be too thick).

Next I sewed the sides of the cushions to my top cushion piece and piping. The first picture shows how I lined it up, initially I pinned the fabric then found that it wasn't needed.

Unfortunately, there's no "after" picture of the chair yet. I still need to distress and glaze the chair before I recover the cushion, staple it down, and add the trim. I'll also be adding some of the quilt batting I have to fill in some spaces. This chair originally had a pretty slouchy cushion though so I'm not looking to make it poofy.

Pretty cute cushion isn't it? It has potential! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay tuned for the reveal sometime this week!

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