Sunday, March 6, 2011

When in doubt...paint it!

After looking at the mirror all day yesterday, I decided that it needed to be white. Although the distressed and sanded down look wasn't bad, it wasn't great either. So this morning I painted the mirror with Behr Interior Semi-gloss paint in Creamy White. Initially I tried taking the mirror out before I started painting however the nails used to keep it from falling out were also keeping it from being taken out altogether. Instead I used painters tape to protect the mirror but still managed to get some leakage onto the mirror itself when trying to paint the inside edges. I'm going to work on scraping it off tomorrow.

It looks so much better! I don't think I'll be distressing or glazing this piece, but we'll see how it looks in the morning. As you can already tell, I change my mind almost every hour. Next thing you'll know I'll be announcing that I've painted it purple with pink stripes!

You may be wondering what I'm going to do with all my refurbished/repurposed furniture. Is it for myself or do I intend to sell them? Has she ever sold any items before?

Ultimately, my goal is to own and run a consignment shop. Before that day can come however, I need to learn the dealing side of the business. For now, I would like to sell my pieces either at an consignment store or an antique fair. Although I'm just starting out and have a lot to learn, I believe I have to make things happen now in order to get to where I want to be. So far I've checked out a few nearby consignment store and antique malls and have found that the stores that split a percentage (50/50 at a shop nearby) are more realistic for me. Right now I can't pay $400+ a month for a booth because I just don't have that kind of money nor do I have the inventory.

Although having my stuff at a store would be nice, my immediate preference is to share a booth with someone at the Houston Urban Antique Fair. I've never been before, but they have 2 more scheduled weekends this year in May and Oct. I know I don't have the experience or inventory to have my own booth right now, but I've posted a listing in craigslist to see if anyone local would be interested in signing up with me (as long as we have similar styles). Hopefully I find someone and can work out having a booth in May!

If anyone out there is in the Houston area and interested in having a booth, please leave me a comment and I would love to work with you. Also, if anyone has experience in this area and has any tips they'd like to share, I would really appreciate it!

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  1. Great idea to post on CL to share a booth. I struggle with the same thing: love to sell my re-purposed finds but haven't found the right venue.