Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reviving A Sad Curbside Coffee Table

I found this French-style coffee table frame a few months ago on the curb. It had no top, which made it look pretty sad, but I figured I could do something interesting with it at some point in the future.

When my brother broke his upholstered bedroom bench a couple days ago I realized the coffee table's time had come. My brother's style is modern so I didn't think I'd be able to refurbish any of his furniture at any point, but the fake leather bench top didn't look half bad with the French-style look. It actually looked pretty darn nice. I got lucky that the top fit the coffee table frame (it's a tiny bit shorter but my brother said he wouldn't mind if some of the wood stuck out further than the bench top).

I've already painted the coffee table frame a nice light grey and I'll be working with my husband over the long weekend to make it more structurally sound. For now, you can imagine what it will look like from this picture.

And you may have noticed my blog background has gone through a few changes. I finally found one with the right colors and look. Yippee! Hope you didn't suffer to much from my temporary madness!

Love the Beasts,


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