Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sneak Peek At My Coffee Table Bench

In my last post I mentioned that my brother's upholstered bench top was a little smaller than the coffee table frame, but I was planning on leaving it that way. It didn't bother me or him that the wood frame was sticking out further than the top. Of course a day later, I completely changed my mind. It was bothering me a lot. Especially after I added L-shaped metal brackets to each corner of the frame. I was afraid the joins in the sides of the table weren't strong enough, so my husband helped me come up with the idea of adding the brackets. Anyways, the metal was sticking out beyond the bench top and made the size difference much more obvious.

So I had a new plan and told my brother that the bench probably wouldn't match his bedroom anymore. I decided to add a couple layers of batting to the outside of the bench top so that it would cover more area, and recover it with a different fabric. I painted some dark blue stripes on dropcloth with the help of painter's tape and it turned out perfect. Well perfect for me, not my brother.

Here's the sneak peek:

Love the Beasts,