Saturday, April 9, 2011

Duck teapot turned lamp

Although this looks like a repurposing project, it's really a thrift find and fix-it post. I found this porcelain duck teapot lamp at a nearby Goodwill.At first when I saw it I laughed at how silly it was, but then the more and more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Someone else had previously repurposed this Thailand-made teapot into a lamp. Don't you love the brass handle?

The lampshade was looked almost new and matched the teapot perfectly. Especially the little blue porcelain knob at the top! From what I've seen online of the duck teapots, the knob was not part of the original teapot. So the lampshade either came this way, or they bought the knob separately and attached it to the top.

The only issue with the lamp was the little lamp stand and light bulb holder piece didn't fit properly. They're supposed to screw into one another, but they seemed to be different sizes. I was going to try to find a replacement piece, but I really liked the original brass lamp hardware so instead I super-glued the pieces together. Using the professional grade Loctite super glue, I put a small amount of glue on the light stand piece and held the light bulb holder piece in place for a few minutes. And that's it! It's fixed! No more wobbly lamp.

Tomorrow I'll show you what the lamp looks like with the lampshade, but for now I think I'd better play it safe and wait for the glue to dry. So all you get is pictures of them separately, but all of you have a great imaginations and can picture them together right?

And because I'm writing this post so late, it's now Sunday, April 10th. Happy 1st Birthday to our little Annie! We love you!!!


  1. I like it too, it's really unexpectedly sweet. Plus, how can you go wrong with classic blue and white? An all time favorite, this lamp would look great in any room at all. Fabulous find!

  2. I've tried to email you twice and they haven't come back to me. Did they end up in your junk file? I really want to get your giveaway goodies in the mail to you! :)