Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upscale Scale

Are you dying to see it? Well it's done! The Detecto medical baby scale has been modified. The previous tray was all bent up and rusty.

I replaced the metal tray with a vintage Choc-ola wood crate and now it looks pretty amazing if you ask me. For more details on what I did and where I got everything, read here. I consider this a repurposing project with the crate. Technically the scale wasn't repurposed because it's still a scale, but the crate has a new purpose and a new life!

Yes! It works fantastically! Do you know what a 1944 Shakespeare's Tragedies hardcover book, a Churchill England saucer, a little glass dome, and 3 hardware knobs weigh? I do!

About 2.75 lbs!

So what do you think??? And ignore the fact that I took the pictures on the ground in between a doorway and a set of stairs. We live with my brother and his house is contemporary/modern and doesn't fit with my style or at least the look I'm going for. Also because there are 4 of us living here, there's not much room in the house to stage my projects. He's still the best big brother though for letting us live with him this year!

Eventually I'll be selling this scale, but I can't sell anything until I'm done with my Blue Boy dining set and put it on consignment. And I'm still not sure if I'm going to put my smaller non-furniture items on consignment or start an Etsy shop. I know I won't make as much from consignment because they take a percentage of the profits. So why you ask do I insist on going that route? Because one day I'm going to be the one owning a kickass consigment store and I can't do that until I know what it's like to be a cosignor.

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  1. Great idea. Don't forget my weekly party too.

  2. Now isn't that cleaver!?
    Where'd I leave that Coke crate that I considered getting rid of just yesterday...

    Sweet idea!

    I'm dropping by from Vintage Inspiration Friday @ Common Ground.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  3. I love it Emily! And I really have always wanted to know how much those items weigh so this was quite an informative post. LOL! Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiraiton Friday and I look forward to hearing what direction you decide to go in for selling your creations. :-)

  4. What a great idea! i like the look of the box on it. Very nice job and thanks for linking up!