Sunday, April 3, 2011

Small finds at Round Top Antique Fair

We're back and we had a great time at the Round Top Antique Fair! We only were able to make it to 2 different shows, but that was plenty. First we started out at Coles in Warrenton which had both indoor and outdoor shows, then we headed over to La Bahia in Burton. Both areas had great stuff and decent deals, and they both had indoor bathrooms! After all the ice tea and lemonade I drank, those bathrooms saved the trip!

This is just a small glimpse of the many booths in the field near Coles.

So, unfortunately I have to disappoint you right off. I didn't come home with any furniture. I think my husband was more surprised than I was that I didn't buy any big pieces. I just didn't see anything I liked with prices close to what I've seen at estate sales, thrift stores, or craigslist. I did however come home with a few things I had been looking for. A vintage wood crate/box and 2 blue mason jars.

I bought the Choc-Ola Chocolate Drink box from a booth in Coles for $5. It's the perfect replacement piece for a small project I'm working on. More on that later this week!

The blue mason jars are Atlas brand and they say "Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason" on them. I bought a 1 qt bottle and a 1/2 gallon bottle both with the zinc lids. I've been wanting the blue Ball jars for awhile and saw a lot of them being sold, but then I found these Atlas ones and had never heard of the brand. So I had to pick them up!

I also got a Holmes & Edwards small ladle spoon, 2 matching brass hardware knobs, and a piece of hardware that looks like a keyhole all for a total of $4. I found those out in the field by Coles. My husband got a Robinson Ransbottom bean pot (haha funny name!) with a small handle on one side for $10 in the field at La Bahia. He loves making homemade baked beans and this one is bigger than the one we already have. Don't you love the stamped crown on it? The 3 tells you it's a 3 quart bean pot.

I have some pictures of other neat things I saw, but I'll save those for my post tomorrow. And don't be too disappointed that I didn't buy any furniture. The day before the show, I picked up a little something that my husband and I will be working on to make his nightstand. And thankfully it was at a significantly better price than what I saw it being sold for at the show. Can't wait to share it with you all once it's done! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my...I love that old crate and what a thrifty price...hop over and share all your goodies at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY.


  2. Yay - so glad you found a few little gems! Can't wait to see the rest of your photos :)

  3. Hi Emily,
    I've always wanted to go there, looks like lots of fun! I'm passing the Stylish Blogger award I received on to you. You can come by and collect it and pass on to your favorites when you have time. I like the new look of your blog!
    Have a great day!

  4. Great finds Emily and I can't wait to see the furniture piece you ended up buying and how you are going to transform him/her! And, of course, what name it will be given. :-)

  5. You found some great things! Love the blue jars!!!

  6. I love Round Top! Couldn't go this market, but I have my reservations for Fall! Check out my blue post from this month. All my blue jars featured, I got three of them at Round Top.

  7. Oh, saw you at Linda's party link.

  8. hiya , i love the crate too and i would use it for herbs it is adorable ,tfs
    i am visiting from amaze me mondays and am your newest follower hope you will stop by mine and follow me too

  9. I doubt I will ever get there so I am loving seeing the treasures you gals are carrying home (some all the way to Australia!)

    And hurrah for indoor flush toilets!

  10. Emily, this is my first time stopping here. I came over from the Blue Creek party. I love that crate. I see a lot of Coke and Pepsi crates, but a Choc-ola crate is sort of different and cool. I'm with you on furniture prices. After you buy some things at estate sales and Craigslist the antique store/fair prices seem ridiculous.

  11. Emily,
    Thanks for sharing your market finds at my first Treasure Hunt Thursday party.
    I love the blue jars with the zinc lids - that kind is my favorite
    The bean pot is amazing too.