Monday, April 4, 2011

Fun at the fair and a new nightstand

Here are some of the really neat things I saw at Round Top. Of course now I wish I took more pictures!

In Coles I saw this beautiful Edison Phonograph from a Chicago dealer that has been fixing phonographs for the last 30 years. Look at the lettering, it's amazing. This belongs in a steampunk house!

By far the creepiest thing I saw at the Antique Fair. A doll phonograph player. I guess the dealer has had it in his booth for a long time and everyone asks about it, but no one has bought it yet. I told him to try to sell it to a movie studio because it's perfect for a horror movie.

In another booth at Coles I saw these neat collar displays. I loved the little Slidewell ad on the left and the perfectly stacked curved collars.

In the same booth the dealer had a hexagon-shaped wood hardware cabinet. Look at those triangle drawers, borders, and lettering. Not sure what exactly I'd store in here but who cares. It's beautiful!

My husband was interested in a couple of pipes at this booth but the dealer was selling the whole set, all of the pipes and cabinet, for about $2300. Uh, sorry buddy. We really don't need that many pipes. Ignore the poor quality of this picture by the way. I took all of these with my cell phone because I'm an idiot and TOTALLY forgot I had my mom's camera in my purse.

And I was in love with this apothecary cabinet. Drawers in all different sizes with vintage labelled handles.

And of course, I immaturely laughed at the drawer with this label...

Out in the field near Coles, I found the secret meeting place of the Industrial Factory Cart Society. I think the middle one is their leader. :) I've never seen so many of these carts in one place. And this was about 2 hours before the booth was about to close. I wonder how many they started with!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of La Bahia. I only had an hour to shop there and was too frantic looking around for deals that I forgot about my poor blog. Sorry everyone! To make up for it, I'll reveal the furniture piece I picked up last Friday. There was a estate sale a few blocks down from my brother's house and I decided to pull over and take a look because baby Aine decided she wasn't ready to nap just yet. The lady running the small estate sale had a few nice pieces of furniture, but she also had some pieces that needed some work.

Like this guy...

Yup! I bought a small antique school desk. The original paint and stain wore off a long time ago, but the wood is in great condition. The metal is rusty but my husband is great with cleaning that up (he has a lot of experience cleaning up the rust on bikes). Also, luckily for me the seat does fold up properly!

The only real issue with it is that it's missing a small plank of wood on the tabletop. My husband is going to work on cutting a new strip for it.

We're going to try to make this his nightstand. We wanted unusual nightstands that didn't match and I think we're going to get just that with my tobacco stand and this school desk. I can just see it! Aine and our future children putting down the little bench and sitting by our bedside talking to us in the morning.

And a few more pictures for you to admire! You can see there's a few old student carvings on the tabletop.

And do you know how much I spent on it??? Well...just take a look.

Just $5! Didn't get a deal like that at Round Top! Good thing I picked it up when I did. This will be the first furniture redo my husband and I do together. I hope we both survive it!

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  1. That's one awesome $5 treasure...I'm sure y'all will do fine:)


  2. I have one of these desk set up in my living room as a table. Mine cost nothing! It was in my dad's barn(my favorite shopping place) She is gonna get new paint on the metal parts and polished up on wood. Love it!!!!

  3. I like your pics from Roundtop. I love the mix of the lusciously fabulous with the creepy weird too, all part of the fun. And wow - that desk is totally awesome!