Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Repurpose: A scale and a wood crate

I have a repurposing project I'm working on, but it's not completely done yet. Lucky for you, I'll share with you what I've done so far! So you remember the vintage wood Choc-ola crate I bought at Round Top?

Well, it's for this...

And have you figured out what kind of scale it is yet? No? It's a medical baby scale! I found it at an estate sale and grabbed it right away, but didn't know what it was used for until I searched online. The brand is Detecto and it has a little rust, but it still looks and works great. Well, everything but the tray looks great. It's a little hard to see in this picture, but the tray isn't lying flat and there's a line running diagonally where it was bent. I tried bending the scale back into place but it wouldn't budge. I thought about leaving it like it was but that made me a little sad. The poor thing needed some help. Then it hit me! Why not replace the tray with a vintage wood crate? Mix metal with wood!

So I went hunting for the perfect crate at Round Top and found the Choc-OIa one at a Coles booth for $5. 

I unscrewed the original tray and my husband helped me drill two holes in the crate to match the holes on the scale.

There are a couple pen marks on the wood from our measuring (we should have used pencil but couldn't find one anywhere in the house), but those can easily be taken off with a little sanding. So I almost have a new and improved scale, but can't attach the crate until I buy new screws. The original screws are too short for the thickness of the wood of the crate. Hopefully I have time to stop at Lowes tomorrow and with luck I'll be posting up new pics of the completed scale.

Also if you're wondering, I've already calibrated the scale with the crate and it's only a couple ounces off of the real weight. I may have to buy a counterweight to hang on the side if I want the scale to be exact. I won't have to put in any extra work to hang the weight though because there's already a hook on the scale just waiting for me to use it!

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